6 min read

Kr3pto Puppeteer Kits: Dynamic Phishing Kit Targeting UK Banking Customers

At WMC Global, we are tracking a threat actor who goes by the alias "Kr3pto," a phishing kit developer who builds and...

6 min read

Phishing Exfiltration Method: Email

Phishing attacks have been on the rise in recent years, and 2020 in particular has seen a stark increase in phishing...

2 min read

Office 365 Phishing Uses Image Inversion to Bypass Detection

Many detection engines crawl websites and follow links to determine whether a website is malicious or masquerading as...

3 min read

Bank of Guam Phishing Campaign Analysis

With improved controls, better user awareness, and enhanced automated detection on websites, threat actors have been...

10 min read

Netflix-Branded Mobile Phishing Campaigns in August

Threat actors target a range of services often either due to credential resale value or to target higher value accounts...

7 min read

Phishing Kit Exfiltration Methods

At WMC Global, we analyze hundreds of phishing kits every week, which use a range of lures to steal credentials from...

25 min read

Deep Dive Into Cazanova Morphine Phishing Kit

WMC Global proactively tracks phishing sites and analyzes the backend code to understand tactics, techniques, and...

3 min read

COVID Update

Throughout the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, when companies and consumers were forced to adapt to remote...

5 min read

Cazanova Phisher Steals From Himself

Using a variety of tools and techniques, WMC Global actively tracks threat actors engaged in credential phishing...