6 min read

UK Private School Applicants Targeted With Phishing Attack

Applying for a new school is often a stressful experience for parents. Securing their child a place at a top school...

8 min read

Introducing MRWEEBEE

Since July 2021, WMC Global analysts have been tracking an emerging threat actor known as MRWEEBEE who is creating and...

6 min read

Threat Actor "Robin Banks" Phishing Kit Revisions

In July, a report was released spotlighting a threat actor known as Robin Banks. WMC Global was also tracking this...

7 min read

Evri- UK Package Delivery Scam

Threat actors have found continuous success using package delivery services as SMS phishing lures since the start of...

7 min read

Just Eat - UK Food Delivery Service Customers Targeted by SMS Phishing

Over the last two years, threat actors have found many lucrative ways to exploit pandemic-induced lifestyle changes and...

12 min read

Microsoft Office 365 Voicemail Phishing Attack

On December 1st, WMC Global encountered a large-scale email phishing campaign targeting Microsoft Office 365’s...

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Phishing Lures Imitate Government Bodies Offering COVID-19 Relief

This blog is released in partnership with Mobile Ecosystem Forum (MEF), of which WMC Global is a proud member.


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Phishing for Finance - Akamai x WMC Global SOTI Report

Cloud and enterprise security leader Akamai has partnered with WMC Global researchers to release their State of the...

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Hermes SMS Courier Scam

Threat Summary

New phishing campaigns are targeting mobile devices to deliver fraudulent courier delivery notifications...

16 min read

The Compact Campaign


Phishing campaigns continue to utilize the disruption of the pandemic to target victims, and a new campaign...