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Phishing Lures Imitate Government Bodies Offering COVID-19 Relief

This blog is released in partnership with Mobile Ecosystem Forum (MEF), of which WMC Global is a proud member.


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Phishing for Finance - Akamai x WMC Global SOTI Report

Cloud and enterprise security leader Akamai has partnered with WMC Global researchers to release their State of the...

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Hermes SMS Courier Scam

Threat Summary

New phishing campaigns are targeting mobile devices to deliver fraudulent courier delivery notifications...

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The Compact Campaign


Phishing campaigns continue to utilize the disruption of the pandemic to target victims, and a new campaign...

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Year-End Phishing Report -  2020 WMC GLOBAL


WMC Global's Threat Intel Team analyzed thousands of phishing kits in 2020. While "16Shop" continues to be the...

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Evolution of a Phish: Popular UPS Email  Scam Now  Targets  Mobile Users

Phishers are well known for identifying and exploiting security weaknesses. Many email and security teams are becoming...

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Threat Actor Update: Kr3pto

The current biggest threat to the UK banking industry has just added a new target. 

A threat actor who goes by the...

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Kr3pto Puppeteer Kits: Dynamic Phishing Kit Targeting UK Banking Customers

At WMC Global, we are tracking a threat actor who goes by the alias "Kr3pto," a phishing kit developer who builds and...

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Phishing Exfiltration Method: Email

Phishing attacks have been on the rise in recent years, and 2020 in particular has seen a stark increase in phishing...

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Office 365 Phishing Uses Image Inversion to Bypass Detection

Many detection engines crawl websites and follow links to determine whether a website is malicious or masquerading as...