19 min read

2022 Year In Review

The WMC Global Threat Intel Team observed a noticeable escalation in targeted and sophisticated phishing campaigns...

6 min read

UK Private School Applicants Targeted With Phishing Attack

Applying for a new school is often a stressful experience for parents. Securing their child a place at a top school...

1 min read

Emerging Trends in SMS Phishing

WMC Global's Ben Coon, VP of Threat Intelligence, and Bobby Preston, Threat Analyst and Sr. Business Development...

8 min read

Introducing MRWEEBEE

Since July 2021, WMC Global analysts have been tracking an emerging threat actor known as MRWEEBEE who is creating and...

6 min read

Threat Actor "Robin Banks" Phishing Kit Revisions

In July, a report was released spotlighting a threat actor known as Robin Banks. WMC Global was also tracking this...

7 min read

Evri- UK Package Delivery Scam

Threat actors have found continuous success using package delivery services as SMS phishing lures since the start of...

7 min read

Just Eat - UK Food Delivery Service Customers Targeted by SMS Phishing

Over the last two years, threat actors have found many lucrative ways to exploit pandemic-induced lifestyle changes and...

12 min read

Microsoft Office 365 Voicemail Phishing Attack

On December 1st, WMC Global encountered a large-scale email phishing campaign targeting Microsoft Office 365’s...

6 min read

Phishing Lures Imitate Government Bodies Offering COVID-19 Relief

This blog is released in partnership with Mobile Ecosystem Forum (MEF), of which WMC Global is a proud member.


2 min read

Phishing for Finance - Akamai x WMC Global SOTI Report

Cloud and enterprise security leader Akamai has partnered with WMC Global researchers to release their State of the...