Phishing Kit Analysis At Scale

Tackle your problems with SMS phishing early in the process

KITIntel is a set of static analysis tools for investigating and comparing phishing kit content within single or multiple kits. Use KITIntel to search within our repository of phishing kits as well as to submit external kits to the database. You can search file hashes and file content, retrieve content, and submit kits to KITIntel for cross-analysis. KITIntel offers visibility during every step of the process from phishing detection to threat actor attribution. Stop playing whack-a-mole and enhance your visibility into the threat. 




What's in a Phishing Kit?

Phishing kits are the compressed set of threat actor files and source code that make up a phishing website. This includes HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, exfiltration methods, images, videos, and directory structures. Discovery of a phishing site starts a process of analysis, attribution, and remediation. Phishing kits contain all the information you need to understand the threat.  KITIntel gives your security team a holistic view of the phishing ecosystem, offering visibility into all elements, allowing you to explore the attack in a safe and protected sandbox environment. 



Disrupt the Traditional Research Model


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Built By Threat Hunters For  Threat Hunters

Phishing kits are a commodity and searching on your own is not an effective method of detecting attacks on your customers. KITIntel automatically detects and collects phishing kits at scale 24/7 so you don't have to. WMC Global's team of threat hunters supplements the platform for unrivaled phishing kit detection. WMC Global has proven that leveraging the intelligence contained within phishing kits can lead to arrests of threat actors.


What Can You Do With Phishing Kits?

Leveraging WMC Global’s repository of hundreds of thousands of unique phishing kits, you can: 


Discover Phishing Kits

Find phishing kits from the latest campaigns often before the attack goes live.


Attribute Campaigns

Definitively link phishing campaigns to known threat actors. 


Pivot Rapidly

Discover new and unique links and activity clusters as well as overlaps between phishing kits allowing for enhanced visibility



Automate Effort

Utilize KITIntel APIs to search at scale and perform rapid work.



Find Source Code

Understand threats in never-seen-before detail. Discover linked resources, phishing kits, and technologies allowing for greater understanding of threat actor behavior. 


Analyze Intelligence

Research and develop working strategies to combat threats and identify new zero-day techniques.


Prioritize Inquiries

Use data-driven analysis to classify investigations based on clustered attacks or other important data. 


Build Alliances

Identify other organizations targeted by the same threat actors and share information.

Understand the Attack Vector

Be able to answer questions like:


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