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Your brand is your calling card, and while loyal customers trust your brand unequivocally, threat actors are consistently trying to exploit that trust. The number of attacks you allow through your channels and the subsequent breaches of customer trust are a direct reflection of the value of your brand. It’s very hard to regain trust once your customer has a bad experience.

Our systems are actively hunting for the threat actors who endanger your reputation and risk destabilizing client-customer trust. We employ a holistic solutions-based methodology focused on threat detection, mitigation, and remediation to limit customer impact and turn bad customer experiences into productive engagements.


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Customer Protection

In our highly digitized world, brands require a host of personal data points for every interaction with a customer. This data becomes a double-edged sword, both signaling to the brand the legitimacy of the customer’s identity, while also putting the customer in a vulnerable position of complete trust in the brand’s ability to keep their data safe. But attacks happen, and customer information can end up compromised. It’s how a brand responds to these trials that makes the difference for the customer.


MITIGATE - The immediate goal is to stop the attack. The smaller the scope, the less amount of customer data is exposed.

RECOVER - With prolonged attacks, we scour the web for the compromised data to return it to the brand as quickly and unaffectedly as possible.

REPAIR - The last step is to minimize the usability of data, negating the harm from the breach.


We take safeguarding your customer’s information seriously, and we supply any and all compromised data on your customers back to your brand, as well as deploy automatic takedown of digital attack infrastructures, in rapid fashion.


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Exec Protection + Internal Systems Threats

Threat actors challenge your business’ credibility when they successfully infiltrate your internal networks. Whether impersonating an executive or a reputable business through carefully crafted malicious emails and targeted texts, spearphishing is one of the largest-growing digital threats to major organizations. Spearphishing attacks are responsible for massive security breaches and monetary losses for targeted companies.

But with early detection of spearphishing attacks and enhanced takedown capabilities, our PhishFeed platform means your management can rest easier knowing their brand is constantly monitored and protected. With the added functionality of retrieving compromised credentials for data repatriation and phishing kit code for proactive analysis at scale, PhishFeed protects your business from all angles.


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In today’s world, your mobile number acts as your ID card. And threat actors love to target customers where their identity is strongest. With one attack, threat actors can gather a whole host of personal data about your customers simply by associating a mobile number.

We got our start in the mobile industry over 15 years ago and have since pivoted our business to specialize in mobile-delivered threats. As mobile-based attacks become more and more dominant, we use our unparalleled depth of insight in this complex industry to drive solutions that address the evolving concerns our customers face daily. Whether you are concerned about spam on your network, a message sender’s reputation, or phishing attacks targeting your brand, we use our expertise in the mobile industry to find a solution that meets your needs.


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Messaging Threat Protection

Whether a daily nuisance or a serious attempt to acquire personal information, messaging threats pose an imminent risk to your customers and to the integrity of your brand. Understanding the origin and objective of messaging threats provides a wealth of data and insight that can be useful to your organization. 

As as a pioneer in messaging threat detection and analysis, we’re positioned at the vanguard of brand and customer protection. Whether employing a full message monitoring program, white-labeling our SpamResponse application, or integrating our detection algorithms, we offer automated solutions backed by human quality assurance to suit your needs.


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10DLC Vetting

With the 10DLC vetting process shrouded in mystery, ensuring your partners get the score they deserve can feel challenging. Questions about your current score and additional data you want to offer might seem to have nowhere to go and a simple and clear way to appeal your score could change everything.

A trusted vetting and compliance partner for enterprise messaging since 2006, our 17 years of experience and partnerships with Tier 1 mobile network operators across the globe signify that WMC Global is a truly neutral provider of 10DLC Vetting. Scores are issued based on a standardized and automated process—supported by verifiable data—ensuring all brands are evaluated on a level playing field so you receive a fair and unbiased score that you understand. WMC Global’s RISQ Score also offers you the ability to appeal a score you believe to be inaccurate by providing additional documents or evidence.


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