As an experienced player in threat intelligence, we are committed to making a difference. Our history and mission as an organization show that first and foremost, what we excel at is helping people.




In a perfect world, our phones and email accounts would be completely protected. We could use our devices freely without worrying about the safety of our personal information. Unfortunately, that's not a world we live in. 

But we're here to help and our mission is simple: 

To safeguard brands and their customers from malicious digital activity

We're committed to stopping threat actors in their tracks.


Our Story

We sit at the nexus between industries that share similar challenges, yet don't communicate with each other. 

Despite communication barriers, we've learned to speak the languages of the telecommunications sector, government bodies, financial institutions, and technology companies−to assist in solving common problems and to exchange integral data. And along the way, we've built out technology that translates those issues into solutions.


How did we get here?

Our Story




Our History

Over the last 15 years, we have grown from a three-man team innovating in the mobile space to a global organization servicing all manners of threat protection. And we're constantly looking for new problems to solve.






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