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October 6, 2014

WMC Global and Media Thirst Partner with Pinsight Media+ for In-App Ad Monitoring


WASHINGTON, October 6, 2014 – Pinsight Media+ has engaged WMC Global and Media Thirst for in-app ad monitoring and risk analysis across its advertising platform. Pinsight connects ad networks and app developers to deliver premier in-app ad placement. Media Thirst’s in-app ad monitoring services will support Pinsight’s top-quality advertising experiences.


Media Thirst products recreate the in-app user experience, capturing ads exactly as users encounter and interact with them. Media Thirst helps advertisers, ad networks, and publishers address major problems in the mobile advertising space: landing pages not optimized for mobile devices; ads with deceptive calls-to-action, like “You have a virus,” or “You have new messages”; competitor ads displayed in inappropriate contexts; and display ads sized incorrectly for in-app placement. By monitoring ad placement, appearance, and content on Pinsight properties, Media Thirst products help Pinsight ensure ads display correctly and deliver excellent, compliant content.


“We are excited to help ad providers like Pinsight maintain quality advertising experiences their customers trust,” says Media Thirst president, Ian Matthews. “By capturing ads in context and recording the complete consumer-ad interaction, we reveal issues and help companies maximize advertising effectiveness.”


“Pinsight manages a variety of mobile ad formats tailored to the brand and the audience across hundreds of apps touching millions of mobile users. We need complete visibility and control over what’s running on our platform to make sure that ads look great regardless of screen size or OS,” said Brian Smith, Director of Product Development, Pinsight Media+. “Media Thirst provides an extra layer of protection, gathering the data we need to deliver a safe, enjoyable experience for our users and to drive ROI for brands and app developers across a wide range of mobile devices.”


Mobile advertisers, developers, and users want high-quality ads seamlessly integrated into the mobile experience, and Pinsight’s focus on blocking broken, inappropriate, and malicious ads sets a high bar for industry self-regulation.

About Media Thirst

At Media Thirst, we’re passionate about creating transparency around advertising practices, improving the state of the digital advertising industry for everyone: brands, ad and PR agencies, ad networks, affiliate marketers, publishers, legal teams, regulators, and, ultimately, consumers. We show brands how and where their ads are displayed, let publishers see what content is actually hosted on their sites, highlight potential risk in ad content and advertising practices for ad networks and affiliate marketers, help legal teams protect their clients from litigation, and show regulators the kinds of market practices that impact the consumers they’re trying to protect.

About WMC Global

Founded in 2006, WMC Global is the leader in mobile market monitoring and compliance assurance. WMC Global services increase marketplace vitality and success by promoting best practices, mitigating the risk of working with third parties, safeguarding consumers, and protecting brands against unwanted associations. Our solutions enable leading carriers and service providers to increase compliance and maintain healthy environments for mobile commerce.




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