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June 15, 2009

CTIA-The Wireless Association Launches Common Short Codes Media Monitoring Process


Will Work with Wireless Media Consulting, Inc., to Ensure Promotional Materials Used to Market Short Code Campaigns Comply with the Industry’s Consumer Best Practices


WASHINGTON (Business Wire), June 15, 2009 – CTIA-The Wireless Association® announced today the launch of the common short code (CSC) media monitoring process to validate that promotional materials used to market short codes comply with the industry’s Consumer Best Practices (CBP).


Developed with the U.S. carriers, the “CSC Auditing and Monitoring Initiative” provides wireless operators with an ongoing and rigorous assessment of third party content providers’ compliance with the CBP. By having a single set of CSC monitoring requirements, the compliance process is more transparent and valuable for all participants in the “ecosystem” – from content providers to consumers.


The addition of media monitoring has expanded the capabilities of the wireless industry’s “CSC Auditing and Monitoring Initiative” to provide greater consumer protection from entities that are non-compliant. This new process will capture the promotional campaign information that is offered in print, online, radio and television advertisements.


Existing CSC campaigns will have a grace period to correct any program that does not comply with the industry’s best practices. If no changes are made by the deadline, CTIA will prohibit the violators from renewing existing or acquiring new codes until the violations are corrected.


CTIA has chosen Wireless Media Consulting, Inc., (WMC) to provide the media monitoring process for this new initiative. “CTIA has clearly demonstrated its continued commitment to evaluating and refining the monitoring process to achieve greater compliance as well as protect consumers and provide them with the best experience possible when purchasing content from carrier partners. In addition, this will seamlessly combine the monitoring and registry functions to ensure CSC campaigns are in compliance with the CBP,” said Steve Largent, President and CEO of CTIA-The Wireless Association. “We are looking forward to working with WMC on this new process.”


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About Wireless Media Consulting (WMC)

Since November 2006, WMC has been protecting U.S. wireless carriers from thousands of misleading advertising campaigns, fraudulent billing practices, and “bait and switch” programs, ensuring the safety of their subscribers and the reputation of their brands. We’ve worked directly with carrier legal teams on civil, state, and federal issues and delivered, to our carrier clients, millions of dollars of savings in customer service, refunds, and litigation.


CTIA is the international association for the wireless telecommunications industry, representing carriers, manufacturers and wireless Internet providers.




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