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Innovative, mobile-first cybersecurity organization receives award from principle infosec market intelligence company

Fairfax, VA — October 5th, 2023 

WMC Global, a 17-year leader in mobile threat intelligence today announces that they have been selected as the 2023 winner of the “Threat Intelligence Company of the Year” award by CyberSecurity Breakthrough, a leading independent market intelligence organization that recognizes the top companies, technologies and products in the global information security market.

WMC Global helps clients identify and mitigate the adverse effects of credential phishing, with specialized expertise in mobile attacks. WMC Global's portfolio of solutions focuses on addressing the complex challenges of combatting malicious text messages, eliminating phishing attacks, and preventing threat actors from targeting brands, financial institutions and governments. Security teams can scale in response to mobile threats via WMC Global’s proprietary data feeds of phishing attacks, including intelligence from active phishing kits, threat response and takedown services, automated partner due diligence, and customer experience monitoring.

WMC Global was established by a group of mobile industry veterans who were instrumental in the implementation of SMS interoperability across the US market. They subsequently developed PSMS Industry Monitor (now Market Monitor), a groundbreaking market compliance system that introduced oversight and risk reduction to mobile purchasing. Pivoting from trusted mobile messaging to cybersecurity has allowed WMC Global unparalleled insight into the way threat actors exploit human vulnerabilities in their phones. Mobile devices are at the center of users’ digital lives and consumers open 98% of the text messages they receive (as opposed to only 20% of emails) which makes this channel rife with the opportunity for threats.

Threat analysts deal with customer credential phishing as a daily occurrence; however, in the past, they have lacked actionable intelligence solutions that allow for attribution of these attacks. Phishing kits are an untapped resource. The hidden code elements and vital clues they contain offer the opportunity to attribute mass campaigns back to the responsible threat actor(s). KITIntel, WMC Global’s breakthrough threat intelligence solution, is a set of static analysis tools for investigating and comparing phishing kit content within single or multiple kits. It disrupts credential phishing attacks using phishing kit intelligence and by “going left,” or monitoring threat actors during the setup of attacks rather than waiting until attacks occur, WMC Global can proactively identify and mitigate active threats.

“It’s a privilege to be recognized for our contribution to the threat intelligence community alongside such notable organizations,” says Ian Matthews, CEO of WMC Global. “And we are thankful for the acknowledgement from a company as prestigious as Cybersecurity Breakthrough. We will continue to focus on protecting brands and disrupting threats that endanger their customers’ digital lives.”

About WMC Global
WMC Global is a cybersecurity market leader in digital threat intelligence with specific expertise in mobile, having partnered with Tier 1 mobile carriers for the past 17 years and launched the United States’ first mobile market compliance program.

The WMC Global portfolio is at the forefront of fighting malicious text messages, eradicating phishing attacks, stopping cyber criminals from targeting large brands, financial institutions, and governments, and monitoring consumer experiences for industry compliance. WMC Global helps security teams scale in response to mobile threats by providing its partners with proprietary data feeds of phishing attacks (including intelligence from active phishing kits), threat response and takedown services, automated partner due diligence, and customer experience monitoring.

WMC Global headquarters are in Fairfax, VA, with offices in London, UK. For more information, follow WMC Global on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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