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Evaluate an Entity's Risk to the Mobile Ecosystem

With the expansion of messaging capabilities and more personalized user experiences,  it is more important than ever that the messaging industry shores up consumer safety to maintain messaging's value as the most trusted communication channel. Mobile network operators (MNOs) are leading this effort by introducing new requirements and safeguards to support high-volume messaging. To support carriers and the broader messaging community, our RISQ Score platform is a due diligence system designed to evaluate the risk an entity presents to the mobile ecosystem. We score entities based on a variety of factors—ranging from reviewing TCPA and fraud court cases to consumer complaints to established business practices—to develop a holistic view of an entity’s corporate and stakeholder history and assign a score based on that risk assessment. RISQ Score provides a rapid pathway to MNO-approved messaging access for aggregators, content providers, message senders, and others looking to assess the health of their partner relationships.





A trusted vetting and compliance partner for enterprise messaging since 2006, our 15 years of experience and partnerships with Tier 1 operators across the globe means that we know the most important indictors of upfront risk for the mobile ecosystem. Our algorithm leverages this experience and unique historical data set alongside legal cases that implicate mobile specific regulations to generate a score that speaks to this industry vertical.




RISQ Score allows you to make onboarding decisions in a fair and unbiased manner. Decisions are made based on a standardized process, supported by data, ensuring all your partners are evaluated on a level playing field. We continually refine our algorithm to corroborate accuracy of entity information, protecting you from potential onboarding pitfalls.



A basic manual due diligence process of an entity can take upward of 1-2 days to complete and is subject to human error. Our algorithm consolidates numerous data sources and automatically generates a score within minutes, making complex data associations that a human simply could not accomplish at scale. This fast and standardized process means that a large volume of companies can be vetted in a short time, supporting streamlined onboarding review of new partners.




Pulling from our diverse product suite of PhishFeed, Threat Detect, SpamResponseand approved MNO resources, RISQ Score identifies risk-laden entities that have infiltrated the messaging ecosystem. RISQ Score offers insights into the history of a particular partner or message sender and protects you from engaging with precarious companies involved in malicious activities, such as spam dissemination, aggregator hopping, or phishing.



Arm your sales team with MNO-grade vetting of potential message senders before they pursue new leads. A RISQ Score can easily be used as a pulse check to identify quality leads who represent a low level of risk to your business before the first prospecting call is even made.


Know More About Who Is Operating On Your Network

By assessing the risk of each specific message sender operating on your network, RISQ Score helps the messaging industry more accurately and granularly facilitate high-volume enterprise messaging based on an established history of trust and compliant behavior. RISQ Scores are automatically calculated based on a number of factors:


Vetting Checks Using Third-Party Data

Our external data sources provide:

  • Corporate Registration Data
  • Business Information
  • Stakeholder Information
  • Legal Histories
  • Consumer Complaint Checks

Vetting Checks Using Our Data

Our internal data sources provide:


Dynamic Risk Assessment

With the assignment of a RISQ Score, an entity profile is created that is continuously updated based on market changes, messaging activity, and in-market behavior. The updated RISQ Score is supplied through real time alerts and comes with flexible business rules that allow you to make automatic and scalable decisions about your partners.


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