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Combining netnumber’s Market-Leading Validation Registry Services With WMC’s Global Threat Detection Toolkit Revolutionizes the Fight Against Mobile Messaging Fraud

Boston and Fairfax, VA December 14th, 2023 

netnumber, the world-leading provider of phone number intelligence data, and WMC Global, a 17-year pioneer in mobile threat intel, today announce they have joined forces in a strategic partnership. This first-of-its-kind partnership combines netnumber’s real-time and intelligent communications verification tools with WMC Global’s comprehensive mobile threat intelligence platform. This alliance creates a unique ability to combat sophisticated financial fraud attempts by correlating critical threat validation data, reducing vulnerabilities from existing data decentralization across the global mobile communications ecosystem. 


Consistent threats of banking fraud today create strain on mission-critical brand communications and mobile services across mobile network operator (MNO), CPaaS, financial, OTT and enterprise environments. Though the mobile ecosystem continues to introduce innovative cybersecurity tools to protect consumers, the fragmentation of fraud prevention data across the industry and the resulting complexity of integrating non-normalized data creates damaging gaps in security. With this collaboration, WMC Global and netnumber combine their respective expertises with their leading mobile fraud solutions to deliver an industry-first fix that bridges these gaps and creates a safer mobile landscape. 


WMC Global has worked closely with mobile network operators since 2006 and thereafter, financial institutions, combining a global presence with visibility into the issues consumers are facing at any given moment. In this pivotal partnership role, WMC Global uses its threat intelligence platform and detection methodologies to identify and report malicious sending numbers associated with banking scams. WMC Global’s singular ability to validate these threats through its threat intelligence platform early andat a monumental scale allows for expedited protection of victimized consumers. WMC Global also provides additional context to make the data more actionable by the end-user client. With this data, ecosystem players like MNOs, CPaaS providers, financial institutions, OTT providers and enterprises can strengthen their protection against financial services fraud, mitigating it before it reaches the consumers. 


netnumber delivers a robust array of sophisticated trust-building and fraud-prevention tools, delivering key advantages that build on WMC Global’s capabilities with normalized data formats, simple APIs, a global network of access points, ultra-low latency and more. The company’s netnumber Services Registry (nnSR) stands as the authoritative industry database for managing and distributing critical routing information, and its status as one of the largest global telecom registries helps it form the foundation of advanced A2P messaging in North America. Furthermore, tools like NumeriCheck leverage the company’s unique phone number intelligence data to verify the validity and security of phone numbers globally and in real time. netnumber’s extensive sets of intelligent data empower some of the most advanced fraud prevention and provisioning opportunities in today’s mobile landscape, and the company remains committed to innovation as fraudsters and their methods continue to evolve. 


Together, netnumber and WMC Global offer the industry a transformational level of precise, centralized phone number and fraud information. WMC Global uses its tools to scan suspicious text messages and URLs, determines if they are malicious, and delivers proprietary validated threat intelligence to netnumber, who incorporates the data into its existing registries. The resulting level of unparalleled verifiable insight can be employed to deny fraudsters’ access to messaging entry points as well as the entire delivery chain, protecting the messaging ecosystem and brands’ reputations with MNOs.


“Fraud is a hot-button issue within the financial services landscape, and we’re committed to empowering the organizations in this global ecosystem with more tools, knowledge and support to combat it. Our real-time and extensive data-based solutions, paired with our team’s expansive experience building and securing trust across global routing and provisioning use cases, enabled us to solve a variety of complex challenges within the mobile communications sphere. Now, we’re excited to take our efforts to the next level to meet evolving demands,” comments Steve Legge, President and CEO of netnumber. “The current disconnected state of fraud prevention data is what led us to form this strategic partnership, and we know that with WMC Global, we can more effectively thwart and control fraud with new and innovative strategies.” 


“WMC Global and netnumber share common goals and commitments to shaping the future of mobile security and fraud protection,” notes Ian Matthews, President and CEO of WMC Global. “Our combined expertise and service portfolios make us an ideal match, and together, we’re creating a robust process for removing bad actors from messaging environments, in turn contributing to greater trust in mobile communications.” 


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About netnumber Global Data Services 

netnumber Global Data Services is the world-leading provider of phone number intelligence data, recognized in Inc. magazine’s prestigious Power Partner Awards in the Communications Platform category. At the forefront of telecommunications for over two decades, the company delivers market-leading real-time number data and routing solutions to Enterprises as well as

Messaging and Communication Service Providers, powering communication networks globally, strengthening security and combating fraud. By integrating its comprehensive collection of global number databases, netnumber Services Registry, and other data sets, netnumber Global Data Services provides an unparalleled range of solutions that underpin number portability, routing and billing of voice and data services.

To learn more about netnumber Global Data Services, visit or follow the company on LinkedInX or Facebook.


About WMC Global 

WMC Global is an award-winning cybersecurity market leader in digital threat intelligence with specific expertise in mobile, having partnered with Tier 1 mobile carriers for the past 17 years and launched the United States’ first mobile market compliance program.

The WMC Global portfolio is at the forefront of fighting malicious text messages, eradicating phishing attacks, stopping cyber criminals from targeting large brands, financial institutions, and governments, and monitoring consumer experiences for industry compliance. WMC Global helps security teams scale in response to mobile threats by providing its partners with proprietary data feeds of phishing attacks (including intelligence from active phishing kits), threat response and takedown services, automated partner due diligence, and customer experience monitoring.

WMC Global headquarters are in Fairfax, VA, with offices in London, UK. For more information, follow WMC Global on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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