Ian Matthews

President & CEO

Ian Matthews is co-founder, President and CEO of WMC Global. He is a co-inventor of mobile in-market monitoring and leads the ideation of spam and threat mitigation efforts. Over the last 5 years, Ian has diversified the company customer base from telco-centric to include financial services, cybersecurity, and government agencies. He has, in turn, expanded the product suite to include a full range of compliance, risk assessment, and cybersecurity solutions. In the last two years alone, Ian has doubled the number of customers who rely in WMC Global's services.

Prior to WMC Global, Ian co-founded and led a mobile ad consulting company, assisting international content providers with the transition to the US market primarily through helping to engage with carriers and facilitate program launches. His work in SMS interoperability contributed to the successful launch of SMS as a major force in the United States in the early 2000s. Ian has worked with Fortune 500 companies and major industry associations on mobile threats, digital content piracy, compliance standards, and consumer protection.

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