Formerly CEO (2006-2019), Colin Matthews now acts as Chairman and co-founder of WMC Global, driving the group vision while overseeing investment and capital strategy as well as corporate  governance.

Colin's international telecommunications experience spans more than thirty years in senior executive positions with WMC Global, InphoMatch, Opera Telecom USA, and Sedona GeoServices. He co-authored Wireless Messaging Demystified (McGraw Hill, 2002), a guide for telecommunications professionals, which has become integral to mobile commerce development in the US. As InphoMatch president and CEO, Colin established the first commercial SMS interoperability relationship in the United States with T-Mobile, leading to SMS becoming the standard data carrier is today. He also has assisted several emerging companies with initial-stage development and has served as consultant to the board of advisors in primarily hi-tech and mobile (m-commerce) B2B startups.

Colin received his BS in Electronic Engineering from Robert Gordon University (Scotland). In his spare time, he enjoys golfing and working on his farm in Virginia.

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