Bradley A. Kropf

VP, Strategic Partnerships

Brad Kropf is Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at WMC Global, identifying and executing strategic partnerships to create mutual value by leveraging intelligence and  operative assets.

Brad is a pioneer and veteran of the mobile carrier, stored value, digital engagement, and privacy/security industries. Brad served as part of the initial team developing Sprint’s digital mobile services strategy and business case. After refining and optimizing Sprint’s local telephone product portfolio, he led Sprint Prepaid Solutions, where he pioneered new mobile marketing promotional techniques for large brands and agencies. He has also been a long-time entrepreneur, developing mobile and voice engagement solutions for non-profits and CPG brands.

He became increasingly interested in protecting the consumer digital lifestyle and led efforts to expand services within the US carrier mobile portfolio to include passcode management, compromised credentials monitoring, identity theft protection, and compartmentalized encrypted collaboration and communication. He led efforts to offer blockchain-based, no knowledge encryption communications solutions to the critical infrastructure and bulk electrical system market to ensure the integrity of key information management systems and assets. The process of mapping digital communications controls to NERC-CIP requirements led Brad to investigate and interact with members of the task force, where he gained increasing concerns regarding the public’s safety from potential catastrophic events impacting critical US infrastructure.

Brad lives in Overland Park, KS and is married to Jennifer, where they are in various stages of raising 5 children. Kids include Anna (22, Duke volleyball, Accenture), Thomas (Electrical Construction Management), Lauren (18), Julia (16), and Johnny (7). Brad’s hobbies include auto restoration and repair, shooting, fishing, and fine cigars. He has a BSEE degree from Kansas State University and an MBA from UNC-Chapel Hill.

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