Ben Coon


Ben Coon is Vice President of Threat Intelligence at WMC Global, leading the development of mission-critical applications  and technology. He is also in charge of building, implementing, and securing the company's IT infrastructure.

Ben brings to WMC Global extensive experience in intelligence and law enforcement, having worked previously on classified network intelligence, identifying potential security risks and conducting protocol analysis for the director of the Special Security Office of the National Security Agency. In addition, he served as a watch commander at the US Department of Homeland Security, where he maintained network SLAs.

In the private sector, Ben was employed as director of network operations and IT security at Grab networks, a targeted as placement facilitator, where he build and maintained the company's worldwide network for video ad placement. Previously, he was Opera Telecom USA's vice president of network operations, helping the organization to reach $22 million in revenue in fewer than 24 months.

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