Vikram Renganathan

Director, Software Development

Vikram Renganathan is Director of Software Development at WMC Global. He is an accomplished software engineering lead with 15+ years' experience and manages and grows our distributed engineering teams. He has been responsible for setting up the engineering process for rapid prototyping of cutting edge product ideas and matured product development, including building and improving upon our RISQ Score and PhishFeed platforms.

Prior to WMC, Vikram built and led onshore and offshore 20+ member development teams to success in several multi-million dollar projects. He spent 5 years as the engineering manager at Bandwidth, where he built telephone number management platforms and search APIs capable of processing extremely large datasets, as well as steered the establishment of CI CD processes resulting in weekly high quality software releases. During his time as engineering manager at Verisk Health and technical lead at Advantasure, Vikram helped to create a robust medical claims system capable of processing millions of claims a day.

Vikram has been the recipient of Employee of the Year awards for technical and executory excellence at both Advantasure and Motricity. He received his BE in Computer Science from Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai, India and his Masters in Computer Engineering from Syracuse University, NY. In his spare time, he teaches yoga and meditation and is an active volunteer in hunger elimination projects.

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