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March 14, 2011

WMC Global to Certify Apps for T-Mobile Mall


WASHINGTON, March 14, 2011 – WMC Global, a provider of innovative mobile data solutions, announced that it will work with T-Mobile USA, Inc. to apply its Mobile App Certification solution for T-Mobile Mall. T-Mobile Mall is the carrier’s digital storefront which highlights interesting and exclusive apps for customers. “WMC Global has the ability to provide a rapid approval process for apps without compromising on our standards for customer experience and security,” commented Venetia Espinoza, Director of Digital Stores and Mobile Payments for T-Mobile USA.


In today’s world of open application storefronts, consumers often bear the risk of downloading an app that may not work on their device or contain malware creating consumer mistrust. The partnership between T-Mobile and WMC Global brings customers peace of mind that apps downloaded from T-Mobile Mall have been checked to validate that they work properly on devices and do not perform malicious activities. For developers, the partnership means a swift approval process for apps submitted for distribution in T-Mobile Mall. Under the partnership terms, WMC Global will verify that every Android app featured in the T-Mobile Mall meets the company’s market-ready criteria.


“We are delighted that T-Mobile has selected us as a mobile app certification provider for its new Android app store,” said Ian Matthews, WMC Global president and COO. “T-Mobile has recognized our ability to perform high-quality certifications while upholding their commitment to ensure a rapid and smooth go-to-market process for developers.”




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