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October 1, 2014

WMC Global Releases Case Studies on Mobile Payments and Mobile App Privacy


WASHINGTON, October 1, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ – Increasingly, mobile payments and mobile apps offer big profits for carriers and their partners; however, significant financial, regulatory, and brand risks accompany these offerings. At the CTIA Super Mobility Conference in Las Vegas, NV, the week of September 9, 2014, WMC Global released three case studies (available at!results/c15fs) surveying the risks and suggesting best practices to overcome them.


With 6.8 Billion mobile phone accounts active today, the growth potential for carrier billing as a payment method is astounding. In the first case study Carrier Billing: Monetizing Mobile Consumers, WMC Global details recent Federal Trade Commission recommendations for addressing carrier billing fraud, and it offers multiple solutions to help carriers address these recommendations on their networks quickly and efficiently.


Marketplace Management Tools: Improving Transparency and Performance, the second case study, describes WMC Global's platform to manage partners and multiple carrier integration points, including mobile payments, mobile messaging, voice shortcodes, and APIs. With customization available, the platform supplies quantifiable improvement over industry standards in partner discovery, compliance, and reporting, ultimately creating a safe environment for consumers and increasing profits for the carrier and its partners. Developed for a tier 1 carrier in the United Kingdom, the carrier reduced program launch from an industry average of 21 days to 2 days.


As mobile app use has exploded, so too have related risks. In Mobile App Privacy: Are You at Risk?, the third case study, WMC Global details mobile app privacy risks and describes mobile app privacy requirements in the United States and around the globe. Carriers and their partners must realize that privacy breaches affect overall brand trust and might lead to litigation. Importantly, WMC Global details results of its mobile app testing for a leading US carrier, during which it discovered, among other privacy failings, that 75% of mobile apps tested transmitted personal data unencrypted.


Colin Matthews, CEO of WMC Global, stated, "The case studies demonstrate WMC Global's technical and industry knowledge and our ability to translate it into greater profits and better consumer protection for carriers and their partners." He continued, "Strong oversight of the entire value chain for mobile payments, specialized software to evaluate mobile apps, and technologies to identify good actors and risky behavior can mean the difference between great profit and significant losses." 


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