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March 31, 2016

WMC Global Launches to Combat Unsolicited Mobile Messaging


WASHINGTON, March 31, 2016 /PRNewswire-iReach/ – WMC Global, a market intelligence company specializing in consumer-facing digital messaging, announced today the launch of, an online resource for consumers to fight back against text message spam and unsolicited calls. SpamResponse brings WMC Global's market compliance expertise into the spam arena, enabling consumers to submit complaints about text message spam and unsolicited calls that WMC Global can use to help identify spammers and disrupt the flow of unwanted messaging in the marketplace.


"Spam isn't just annoying—it poses real risks," explains WMC Global president Ian Matthews. "When consumers receive spam, they're exposed to deceptive advertising, scams, and even malware, and it's one of the biggest problems facing the telecommunications industry today. Although the TCPA offers consumer protections and even damages, this does little to discourage the truly nefarious parties that pose the greatest risk. With SpamResponse, we leverage the data consumers submit to go on the offensive against malicious spammers."


When consumers report spam incidents to SpamResponse, WMC Global uses that information to guide its in-market investigations into high-risk experiences and unsolicited messaging. Even though consumers should never engage with or respond to a spam message, WMC Global's SpamResponse Team investigates reported spam incidents, documenting that spam message and the experience resulting from interacting with it—for example, visiting an affiliate offer or engaging with a phishing attempt. Once the details of that experience are thoroughly recorded and the pathways for spam delivery are identified, the SpamResponse team alerts relevant businesses, technology providers, and industry resources about the spam incident and the individuals responsible, working with those entities to stop those responsible from sending further spam messages and distributing harmful content. In the case of malware, phishing attacks, or other high-risk experiences, the SpamResponse Team will also alert security companies, hosting providers, and other internet safety resources to block access to or take down associated websites or disable other delivery mechanisms, limiting consumers' exposure to harm.


Spam continues to be a growing problem for consumers and businesses alike, and SpamResponse uses the data it gathers to help stop spam proliferation and the spammers behind it. For more information on WMC Global's SpamResponse or to report spam activity, visit


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