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July 10, 2011

WMC Global Launches Performance Placement System™


WASHINGTON, July 10, 2011 – Today, WMC Global announced the launch of its Performance Placement System™ (PPS), a comprehensive platform that enables carriers, app stores, and handset manufacturers to monetize mobile app featured placement opportunities. At the same time, PPS offers developers a promotional vehicle to ensure the commercial success of their mobile apps. Developers compete “auction style” by submitting offers via PPS for featured placement on various media properties, such as app stores and carrier websites.


“By creating a marketplace for app featured placement, PPS acts as a one-stop shop for developers to differentiate and promote their apps effectively and for carriers, app stores, and handset manufacturers to monetize featured placement without incurring significant overhead,” explains Robin Thompson, WMC Global’s chief marketing officer. “Our system helps developers drive downloads, by giving them a means to take control of featured placement, and it solves our clients’ problem of monetizing these placement opportunities.”


As an additional benefit to clients, PPS operates an efficient process for screening developers and their apps to ensure the apps that win featured placement also meet the carrier or app store owner’s brand, content, and user experience standards. In fact, WMC Global handles all aspects of app developer relationship management, with its expert media analysts–who have been upholding carrier standards among third-party developers for more than five years–performing app testing and approval, developer assistance, and payment collection.


To learn more about PPS and to schedule a demonstration, contact




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