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March 18, 2018

WMC Global Launches Android App For Text Message Spam Reporting


WASHINGTON, MARCH 19, 2018 /PRNEWSWIRE-IREACH/ - Market and threat intelligence leader WMC Global announced today the launch of SpamResponse, its free app for Android users available in the Google App Store. Now consumers can personally fight back against text message spam, reporting it immediately with a quick swipe on their mobile devices. By submitting complaints, they provide critical information that WMC Global uses to identify spammers and target spamming operations in the marketplace.


"From deceptive advertising and scams to phishing attacks and malware, spam texts are small interactions that cause significant consumer harm," explains WMC Global's president, Ian Matthews. "By leveraging the data consumers send us, we're able to directly disable spammer sending mechanisms, websites, and supporting infrastructure. Just swipe right to report. . . ."


The Federal Trade Commission calls text message spam a "triple threat": it can lead to unwanted charges, slow network performance, and compromise of personal information. SpamResponse data guides in-market investigations, documenting high-risk spam messages and the experiences resulting from interacting with them and ultimately discovering the individuals responsible and their spam delivery pathways. Then, WMC Global works with mobile carriers, relevant businesses, technology providers, security companies, and other industry resources, alerting them to spam incidents and helping them shut down spammer activity.


To start reporting spam on your Android device, download the SpamResponse app at the Google App Store. iPhone users can continue reporting spam at as well as sign up for development news on the soon-to-be-released iOS version of the app.


About WMC Global

Specializing in market and threat intelligence, WMC Global combines information and resources from both areas to deliver products that work together to promote positive mobile customer experiences and safeguard the messaging ecosystem. Expanding beyond mobile and messaging to encompass all digital service sectors, we provide reporting, monitoring, mapping, and takedown of deceptive, fraudulent, and illegal activity the world over. To learn more about our company, products, and services, visit us at To learn more about SpamResponse, visit




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