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May 10, 2012

WMC Global Joins Australasian Compliance Institute


SYDNEY, 10 May 2012 – WMC Global, a provider of innovative mobile data solutions announces, with pleasure, its membership in ACI (the Australasian Compliance Institute). To the well-respected ACI organisation and membership base, WMC Global contributes its expertise in mobile premium services (MPS) compliance. WMC Global representatives will participate in courses developed for professionals in the compliance and risk industries, which will improve the company’s compliance monitoring solutions continually. In addition, select WMC Global representatives will be accredited through ACI’s Associate Intensive program.


“Becoming a member of the Australasian Compliance Institute adds WMC Global to a group of elite organisations committed to quality,” says Angela Steele, WMC Global general manager. “Through our relationship with ACI, we’ll remain at the forefront of the mobile industry, with cutting edge practices and awareness of new trends in regulatory environments across the Asia Pacific region.”


WMC Global believes that joining the ACI will help foster continual best practices in compliance monitoring processes for mobile premium services. “We extend to WMC Global, a leading force in compliance monitoring for the mobile industry, a warm welcome to ACI. The company can leverage our resources network to help inform and promote MPS compliance efforts throughout the mobile environment,” states Caroline Lee, ACI sales and marketing manager. “By committing to membership and education with ACI, WMC Global is demonstrating leadership and awareness of the increasingly complex compliance obligations required of the wider telecommunications industry.”




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