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January 1, 2011

WMC Global Announces Relationship with PhonepayPlus


LONDON, 1 January 2011 – WMC Global, a trusted provider of innovative solutions that deliver digital confidence to the mobile marketplace, today announced its relationship with U.K. premium rate services regulator PhonepayPlus. By investigating consumer complaints regarding products and services such as text alerts, chat lines, and content downloads and imposing penalty-based enforcement when it encounters violations of the PhonepayPlus Code of Practice, PhonepayPlus protects consumers from a poor purchase experience, deception, and fraud.


As part of this new relationship, WMC Global will conduct premium rate services monitoring and will research and prepare evidence-based market compliance reports, thereby increasing the regulator’s capability to identify and evaluate compliance trends proactively and improving its visibility in the industry. In addition, the relationship will help PhonePayPlus ensure that the purchase of premium rate services using mobile phones is safe and reliable, reducing security and privacy concerns for all industry stakeholders throughout the U.K.


“We are delighted to be working with PhonepayPlus,” says David Wadsworth, managing director of WMC Global’s European operations. “Our market compliance reports especially will help the regulator detect and address growing compliance issues among premium rate services and limit resulting consumer harm.”




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