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July 1, 2014

Media Thirst Announces Comprehensive Solution for Digital Ad Monitoring


WASHINGTON, July 1, 2014 – Media Thirst, a digital media monitoring and risk analysis company, announces its launch with a comprehensive suite of products to support ad monitoring and risk analysis in the digital advertising space. Media Thirst products cater to ad networks, publishers, brands, and legal teams, delivering insight into ad placement and its effects on the consumer experience.


Media Thirst brings information and transparency to the entire advertising value chain, with flexible products that support a healthy, thriving digital advertising environment. Formed by WMC Global veterans, Media Thirst builds on WMC Global’s experience providing industry-leading support for robust digital marketplaces through in-market media monitoring and compliance for major mobile carriers and applies it to the digital advertising space.


“With the complexity of the advertising industry, it’s almost impossible for companies to tell where their ads are running and how they actually appear in context on the web and in mobile environments,” said Media Thirst president Ian Matthews. “We show clients how ads end up where they do and help them understand the impact of ad placements on their brand and consumers. By capturing ads in context and recording the complete consumer-ad interaction, we can reveal issues and help companies maximize advertising effectiveness while protecting themselves from risky advertising behavior.


“The recent Senate hearings on malvertising and ad fraud have generated increased interest in the regulatory environment, but these issues are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to advertising risk,” Matthews continued. “The senate and regulatory agencies are only first starting to explore the consumer harm associated with the digital advertising industry, and no one has even begun to focus on the mobile environment—which is where bad actors are flourishing without oversight. Media Thirst delivers the first all encompassing monitoring solution for the mobile and in-app spaces, helping companies get ahead of the regulatory curve.”


As regulatory pressure on the advertising industry forces companies to take a closer look at their advertising practices, Media Thirst products show clients what ads appear where, highlight potential risk areas, and enable clients to identify and improve the practices of their third-party partners.



AdStream, Media Thirst’s flagship product, shows companies all of the ads associated with their brands, networks, properties, or clients to deliver insight into the consumer experience, from context to click-through. Monitoring ads on three leading platforms, traditional websites, mobile sites, and mobile apps, Media Thirst captures ads exactly as they appear on publisher sites, delivering a complete picture of ad context and content to reveal ad rendering, functionality, and redirect issues on any device.



Working in tandem with AdStream, AdFlag delivers affordable, light-touch risk assessment for every ad in a company’s AdStream. Expert analysts review each ad for the potential risk indicators important to the client and flag risky ads for review.



AdRisk assesses ad content to pinpoint ads that violate industry standards and best practices. Comprehensive AdRisk reports detail each instance of risky behavior to help companies understand risk areas and correct noncompliant ads.



AdVet, Media Thirst's advertiser vetting, delivers in-depth reporting on advertising partners, helping companies support a safe, healthy advertising environment and uphold industry best practices.


Combined, Media Thirst products help companies take back control of the advertising process. For more information on Media Thirst, visit



About Media Thirst

At Media Thirst, we’re passionate about creating transparency around advertising practices, improving the state of the digital advertising industry for everyone: brands, ad and PR agencies, ad networks, affiliate marketers, publishers, legal teams, regulators, and, ultimately, consumers. We show brands how and where their ads are displayed, let publishers see what content is actually hosted on their sites, highlight potential risk in ad content and advertising practices for ad networks and affiliate marketers, help legal teams protect their clients from litigation, and show regulators the kinds of market practices that impact the consumers they’re trying to protect.


About WMC Global

Founded in 2006, WMC Global is the leader in mobile market monitoring and compliance assurance. WMC Global services increase marketplace vitality and success by promoting best practices, mitigating the risk of working with third parties, safeguarding consumers, and protecting brands against unwanted associations. Our solutions enable leading carriers and service providers to increase compliance and maintain healthy environments for mobile commerce.




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